• Category: Game Programming
  • Client: realworld-one GmbH & Co KG
  • Project date: July, 2019
  • Project URL: realworld-one

Since August 2021 I’ve been working as external content developer for the German company realworld-one (yes, all lowercased). realworld-one is kind of an emerging reality, it was inserted by Business Punk & Statista in the list of top 250 startups employers in 2021, and it is growing to an impressive rate! We are specialized in VR and AR products for the scientific community and the industry, for which we develop all sorts of experiences, from showcases to training. Through our custom platform, they will not only have access to the experiences they asked us to build, but they will allow other users to visit their public spaces and learn about them. As you may imagine the work we do there is covered by very strict NDA and I cannot say much about what I’ve been working on, but you can trust me, it’s really cool!