Coming from a Digital Humanities background, I’ve done many different things in my life, including game programming, photogrammetry and retopology, web development, natural language processing and 3D modelling. On my free time, I challenged myself to get out of my comfort zone many times. I’ve been lucky enough to study abroad several times, my first book will soon be released on Amazon, and I’ve traveled the world in a way I believed to be impossible, at least for me. I am also a conference addicted, I can’t list all the conferences I’ve attended, but if I see an opportunity to meet people with shared interests and build something together, I just jump in. A digital copy of my CV can be downloaded by clicking here.


Bachelor Degree in Digital Humanities – 110/110 with honors Università di Pisa (2010 – 2013) Dissertation Title: Characters and Authors: differences and similarities in terms of language. A stylomettric study
Postgraduate Degree in Digital Humanities – 110/110 with honors Università di Pisa (2014 – 2016) Dissertation Title:Muse-Tools: extending the Unity Editor to support the design of virtual and real museum exhibitions
PhD in Emerging Digital Technologies – Perceptual Robotics Scuola Superiore Sant’Anna (2017 – in progress)
Study Abroad experiences King’s College London (2012 – 2013) National Taiwan University (2014 – 2015)


Junior Django web developer King’s College London, DH Department, 2013 User experience improvement and creation of a customized dynamic multiple searchbox for a more efficient admin data-entry on the DigiPal Project
Symfony Web Developer IAMBOO – security and mobile solutions, 2014 Development of a framework of sensible data exchange between a private security company and Italian police officers
Unity Developer PERCRO – PERCeptual RObotics laboratories, 2016 Creation of a web-based 3D experience in cooperation with Grosseto high schools, in the framework of the MuraVagando project. Children from the local high-schools were asked to draw the main attractions in their home town, and to design all the elements to create both the 3d environment and the website, while my job was to put all the material together and design a nice-looking 3D experience.
3D Mesh acquisition and reconstruction ARTechs London – 2017 Creation of 3D models with clean topology and low poly count using photogrammetry acquisition techniques. Photos were provided by the customer, while I had to recreate the 3D model, polish both the mesh and the textures, and do the retopology
Senior Omeka Web Developer PERCRO – PERCeptual RObotics laboratories, 2018 Development of a whole web archive of digital manuscripts from Istituto degli innocenti, in Florence. The project included the development of a whole plugin to fetch Iconclass data, with async requests to the API without page reloading, the adjustment of some pre-existing plugins, and a set of new functionalities for the back-end data entry
eHeritage project As member of the eHeritage project, I’ve worked on expanding the Culturale Heritage Group at the Transilvania University of Brasov by helping them expand their technological background. I’ve tutored them for a three-weeks period, helped them organize an exposition at LuBeC 2017, and organized a workshop titled “How to build a virtual world”
Teaching In the years I’ve been involved in many different teaching activities. A full list can be found in the dedicated page


  • Winnders of the 2019 WorldHaptics -Students Innovation Challenge, in Tokyo, Japan.


Passions and Free Time

Ultima Online Programming When I was 18 I started doing some scripting for an Italian unofficial game shard called VenuS. Unfortunately, the program was shut down in 2010, but it was my first coding/game design experience, and I loved every single second of it
Game Jams I found out about Game Jams waaay too late in my career, and so far I’ve managed to attend two Global Game jams, one in 2018 and one in 2019. Both times I got a team of first-year Game Design students from a local school, which made the jams even funnier!
Study on photorealism with Blender3D I’ve been using Blender for a lot of years, but always to tweak and edit game assets. For once, I wanted to see how far I could push my skills at that time, and the results were above my expectations. On my first solo project I was selected on the blenderArtists main gallery, but most importantly I received a lot of great feedbacks by fellow artists.
Mongol Rally 2017 In 2017 I took part in the Mongol Rally, the craziest race in the world. Together with a friend of mine, we drove an old Rover 25 from London to Mongolia to raise money for charity. If you don’t know the Mongol Rally, you should definitely check it out
Spare Code I don’t have much time to develop my own projects, and even when I do they’re usually complex things that have no purpose to be shared. Nevertheless, there are a few things I’ve built over the years that my be useful to the other. They’re freely available on my GitHub repo