In the years I’ve done my fair bit of teaching, mostly because I love it and I love to share the experience I have with people who want to learn and grow! I have also attended a few conferences here and there, giving talks and presentations.


Virtual Environments (UniPi) – COURSE PAGE


Science! A (Semi) serious introduction (BUas) – SLIDES

From Zero to hero – How to prototype in less thana a Jam Time! (UniTBv) – SLIDES


Unicorns and Dead Ducks, a Practical Workshop in Accelerating Game Design Concepting (Develop:Brighton) – SLIDES (By Thomas Buijtenweg)

Corso Almunia (Regione Toscana)


Controller-free grasping in virtual reality, A problem of colliding worlds (eHeritage Conference) – SLIDES

Virtual applications development pipeline (eHeritage Workshop) – SLIDES

Virtual Environments (UniPi) – COURSE PAGE

  • Introduction to Unity – SLIDES